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Around Here Lately

   Spring is here. It's getting so pretty and green outside. My roses are all lush and just about to pop open-- I can't resist roses. The previous owner had planted several in the gardens around the house, one of which is a pretty old fashioned yellow rose. I love taking Robbie on a walk around the yard, looking to see what has budded or bloomed or stirred up from its winter sleep.
   When we're not puttering around the yard, I've always got some sort of project going; I've been reading some great books lately too--- My Life With The Saints by James Martin SJ and Searching For Sunday by Rachel Held Evans. While they are very different books, they both about people searching for their own personal faith and finding it in the traditions of Christianity. 
   My Life With The Saints details Martin's journey into the Jesuit Priesthood and how different saints inspire him or help him in his life and faith. It's an awesome book and has really taught me a lot about different saints. It's so good, and uplifting and inspiring.
   Searching For Sunday is about Held Evan's journey from doubt to rediscovery of faith through the sacraments of the traditional church. 

  I've been painting, of course, and making some jewelry for myself. I got some saint medals at a local Catholic book and gift shop and some wood and ceramic beads. The new bracelets I made for myself have Saint Bernadette and Saint Therese on them. Two lovely french ladies :)
   I'm also working on more commission work and some paintings for the shop and new prints down the line. It may be spring, but I'm thinking about Christmas! It always sneaks up on me! Wont be long and I'll be playing the Christmas music and painting snow!

   And although it seems like I'm getting a lot done if I list it out--- I often feel like Im not. It's just the place in life I'm at right now... I can't remember the last time I was able to sit down with a project and finish it. There's always something going on, and of course--- a toddler in the house! I know this wont last forever and am trying to be patient with myself. And maybe in about 3 years, my house will all be clean at one time! But that's how it goes. In the meantime, I'm so glad I get the opportunity to do what I love, even if its in snatches, and be home with my kids.

   Well, back to my projects! :D thanks for coming by today!~ Talk with you later,


  1. yes, patience is needed with young ones! and you still do so much! that book being: good, and uplifting and inspiring : how wonderful! :)

  2. I am enjoying all of your little projects lately. When time is limited, smaller projects just make sense because you can get a sense of completion and satisfaction when they are done. There is nothing worse that a big project I can't seem to get finished that makes me totally crazy!! Your new bracelets with the saints are turning out very pretty. They would make great gifts for anyone who is joining a church. I think teens as well as adults would enjoy one.

  3. Those bracelets are so exceptionally beautiful! Love them.

  4. It was Spring here, then we got oodles of snow last night, so I guess I'm thinking of Christmas too! I have been since I visited Ye Olde Christmas Shoppe at Disney World a couple of weeks ago, Liberty Square is SUCH a Heather place ;) I know what you mean about having it seem like you're getting lots done though you feel as though you're not. I think you're doing incredibly with little Robbie at that run around toddler stage to boot!

  5. I read Fr. Martin's book and enjoyed it. It seems to be popular, which is good! I envy you your mild weather - today we're back in colder temps, and I even saw a snowflake or two this afternoon!


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