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Holy Week and Easter Blessings!

And here we are, on the other side of Holy Week and Easter! There are few times in the year that are as rich and awash in symbolism and thought. Advent and Christmas are probably the only other times that compare.
   This year we decided to really delve into the tradition of Holy Week and attended each Service-- Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, Easter Vigil and Easter Day. Robbie and I and our good friend (his God Mother) even did a 'watch' on Good Friday Morning, where you sit with the Host until it is used again for the Good Friday service, symbolic of waiting in the garden with Christ as we wished the disciples to do just before his arrest.
   There is also some really gorgeous and moving artwork that depicts Holy Week, and I tend to be drawn to the old OLD stuff. Peeling frescos and ancient paintings. These are the things that I am drawn to.
   I also got the chance to use my photography skills during Holy Week and Easter, a touch back to my newspaper days. However, no one calls me up and yells at me about the photos, as they used to do at the newspaper. Hurray! ;)
  I love doing it though, I love the challenge of trying to silently capture the emotion and the drama of the services that are taking place. Extra bonus challenge? Doing it with a baby strapped to my body in a Tula, haha! I'm extra proud of the photos I got at the Easter Vigil, which is done in darkness and candle light. That really put my camera to the test, but I got some great photos.

   For the Triduum, I put away my painting so I could focus on the activities of the day, but now I am refreshed and ready to get back to work! Lots of things in the works, and more to share! Can't wait to show you!~


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  1. Happy Resurrection Day !! Such beautiful images!! XX OO Linnie


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