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New Original Painting: Garden Madonna

   Last week I finished a large painting that I am very proud of! This piece is called "Garden Madonna" and was created on 16x20" canvas. This is the largest painting I've done that wasn't a commission in a good long while. Like....years! It was good to work in a larger scale, so that I could get more details packed in--- from a city in the distance to tiny bees and butterflies flittering around flowers.
  The concept of this painting was to paint The Madonna and Child (but a walking, small kid 'child!') in a sunny, flowery setting. Spring and all these blossoms had me inspired to paint flowers and blue skies!
  I decided to paint them in a beautiful cottage garden, rich in nearly wild flowers and fruit trees; an oasis in the desert. An enclosed special place enclosed from the more arid world around them.
  In the background you can see a little town nestled in the rocky hills--- a landscape inspired by Israel, tall cedars standing guard just outside the garden walls.
  There are trees espaliered against the garden wall--- a growing concept that has always fascinated me--- training fruit trees to grow against a wall to make for easier harvesting. The two trees shown are a pear tree and an apple tree; the pear tree is a symbol of Mary, of fruitfulness. the apple tree is a symbol of Eve and the Garden of Eden. In Mary's basket, nestled in with the greens she has picked, are both an apple and a pear.
   The flowers around them are Hollyhocks, zenias and lavender. Which, of course, aren't plants just growing on the roadside in Israel, but humor my artist license ;) Of course I love when people make their own interpretations of my paintings. I think its so fun to hear what others find of meaning in things I've created. There have been moments in making things for people where I have included elements that have had deep meaning for people and I didnt even realize it. It's times like that when I really feel like what I've made has been inspired by more than just my mere imagination.
  I'd love to hear what you see in this painting. And I hope you like it!
I am happy and grateful to report that the original of this painting has already sold. But I will have prints made up very soon!
Have a great week--


  1. What I love most about this painting is the feeling I get in the garden with the mother and child. The flowers and bees just make me feel calm and peaceful. Lavender is my all time favorite summer flower when the fragrance scent just fills the air. All of your details of paintings always add such a layer of meaning and interest too! Lovely piece of work and I am glad it has a new home!

  2. That's very pretty, and a lovely idea! If there can be a kitchen madonna, why not a garden one? The more, the better. :)

  3. Oh it is so beautiful! I can see how you're inspired by Our Lady and your life at the moment too. With springtime in full force and little Robbie running around and entering his toddler years!


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