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     Hi there!~ I hope you all had an awesome weekend! At the moment I am in New England, soaking up the beautiful history, landscape, homes and enjoying some wonderful times with friends!
   Before we made the trip, I created this sign for my sweet friends who were nice enough to host us during our travels. This sign features their last name and the year of their marriage (happy 10 years, guys!).
   She happens to be American and he is British, hence their dueling flags :) I hope they love it! Because I'm writing this before the trip--- but by the time this post publishes they will have it in hand.
  You know I will have to much to tell you about once we get back! I am sharing some shots through my instagram (in the side bar) so you're welcome to come along with us while we explore! My instagram user name is audreyeclectic81.

   Thanks so much for coming to visit me today!~ 
Talk again soon--

Commission: Peter and the Archangels

    Hi there friends! I'm scheduling this post ahead of time--- but wanted to share with you this sweet little commission I finished a few days ago! This is a custom painting I created for a very brave little guy and his family.
   This is "Peter and the Archangels". Peter was born with some heart issues, but thanks to his brave and faithful family, and some mighty power guardian angels--- he is well and with us and such a sweet and strong boy!
   His mother approached me with the idea of this painting--- with Peter in the center guarded by Gabriel, Michael and Raphael, the Archangels. Gabriel, the messenger, holds a scroll; Michael, the soldier, stands ready for battle; Raphael, with his gift of healing, prepares a healing medicine. Together with God, Peter's family feel that these mighty angels were at Peter's side as he underwent intensive medical care. 
   I love that I could create a little something for this family so that they could always be reminded of what a miracle their son is.  It was an honor to create for them, and I hope they love it for many years to come!~


Important Shop Info!

 I cant believe it! It's one week until our big adventure! We will be on the road and traipsing around New England from June 24 til early July. I have decided to leave my shop OPEN, but of course I wont be able to mail any orders until my return. 

Please take note of these dates if you are consider placing an order in the near future! Thanks so much! I appreciate you all so much!~

A Tour of my Garden

   A cool and very very wet spring has made way for hotter and sunnier days, and my garden is in full bloom! Many of the things I planted our first spring here are now mature, and for the first year ever we've got hollyhocks blooming everywhere! All the seeds that took seem to be pinks, in a wide range of shades. So, so pretty! Hollyhocks are the sweetest flowers, one of my very favorites!

  Other favorites include my Alice Oakleaf Hydrangeas. I have two mature one and may have bought three more at a half off sale I found at the hardware store last week. This is the best time to buy perennials! When stores start slashing prices. Even if they look half dead, with a little love (good watering, garden soil, and the proper amount of sunlight) they will thrive and come back year after year to grace your garden!

  I am also very proud of my Lady of Shalott rose from Steve Austin roses. It was a Mother's Day indulgence, and then the rose suffered from thrips all last year. Thrips are terrible little bugs that get inside flower buds and suck out the nutrients and severely deform the flowers. This year I fed and nurtured all my roses with Rose food and pest control, and they're all doing a lot better and pretty Lady of Shalott is bug free! (How undignified, that this beautiful lady should have a bug problem, right?!?)

  Oh! And I cant forget the Easter Lilies! Lilies I got from church after the Easter season had passed and all the altar flowers were up for grabs! I got a couple of lilies and put them in the garden--- this year I snagged an Orchid from the altar flowers ;) it's a bit ridiculous perhaps how much I enjoy that 'end of the Easter season' traditions. But I can't resist flowers!

  Next up in the garden will be our first harvest of tomatoes! And the herbs are doing well and growing like weeds (as are the weeds!) I'm growing dipping gourds too! I love a good gourd! ;) Gourds for everyone come fall, lol!~

   Well, off for now!~
Chat more later---

New Photo Challenge: Holy Childhood

   A couple of weeks ago I hosted an instagram photo challenge where people showed the 'sacred space' they had put together in their home and we saw some beautiful places! It was so much fun, I thought we could do another one--- for one of my brand new prints, Santa Maria.

   The photo challenge for this contest/giveaway is "Holy Childhood." All you have to do is snap a photo and tell a little bit about how you like to share what's beautiful about your faith with children--- be they your child, a niece or nephew, God children-- just special little ones in your life. Or perhaps those little ones are 'all grown up'-- but your input is still much appreciated!

  To participate via instagram, just take your photo and tag it #aeholychildhood. I will periodically look through the hashtag on IG and post them on my own feed so we can all enjoy them! If your account is private, or you don't have instagram but would still like to participate, you can email me your photo at audreyeclectic@gmail.com

  Can't wait to see what you all come up with!~

Around Here

   Here it is Friday morning, and I can't believe its the end of the week already. It's all been a blur of pulling a baby off chairs (over. and over. again), errands, laundry, gardening and moments of painting tucked in between.

   Summer is in full swing over here, and my studiomate/goof friend/partner in fibery crime Tasha and I are adjusting to having our big kids out of school and maintaining our studio schedules. Yesterday we took a field trip out to Shepherd's Cross and got a ton of good wooly goodies to feed our knitting/weaving/spinning habits! I've been learning to weave this week under Tasha's guidance. My first weaving is coming along pretty good I think, especially since I like that 'rustic' look. Perfection is boring to me. I always say "I want this to look like its 100 years old and was found in an old trunk in an attic after a house fire." Yep, that's my design mantra, ha!

   On Wednesday I attended a fiber night at The Workshop in downtown Tulsa and got to weave with some friends! So nice to get a couple of hours of mom time to just work on something uninterrupted and chat with grown ups for a bit!

  My friends Thom and Christine run The Workshop, and I gave them the cutest doll (if I do say so myself!) in honor of their adoption plans! They are Christian Orthodox and when I saw Rebecca's handmade Orthodox dolls in her shop Poppy and Pearl I knew....they HAD to have one! I snapped a photo of Robbie looking him over before I wrapped the monk up to give to the Crowes. Such a fun little doll, I love his beard! And I'm hoping the Crowes have many blessings as they embark on their adoption adventure and can't wait to see their family evolve!~

  In other news around the house and studio.....the hollyhocks are blooming! One of my very very favorite flowers. They are just so old fashioned and sweet. And since their biannuals (just leaves the first year, then flowers the second) it's quite a wait to see what you get! I had no idea what colors would pop up. So far we've got pinks in several shades, I love them!

   And now, the weekend approaches; gonna try to get some cleaning and errands out of the way so I can fully enjoy it. Last weekend I attended the gem show in Tulsa and got some nice beads and antique religious medals, I love them! Can't wait to create some cool new jewelry with them. Particularly love the charm with the dove and the french St. Philomene medal.

   Wishing you a wonderful weekend as well, it's summer time!~!~!

Audrey Eclectic News!

   Hey there!~ Lots of fun things going on this summer and hey--- happy June 1st! I'm so excited! At the end of this month we are going on our epic New England adventure!!!!

   Talking to my friends who live in the New England area, we thought it would be lots of fun to have a little Audrey Eclectic get-together to visit and talk all those things we love-- folk art! New England! Historic sites! ALL THE THINGS!

   We are going to have a little meet-up on the afternoon of Sunday, June 28 from 1-3 p.m. at Red Lion Inn in Stockbridge, Mass. The Red Lion Inn is SO neat, and is nestled in the middle of Stockbridge Massachusetts, hometown of the grand-daddy of 'home town painting'--- Norman Rockwell. 

   If you're in the area, I'd love to see ya and say hi. Come by and grab some lunch or have a drink. If you know you'll be able to come, let me know, so we can have an approximation of how much space we should reserve. It'll be a grand ol' time!~

Some other nice things around the web about Audrey Eclectic---

Haley at Carrots for Michaelmas asked me to talk about Mary in Art on her blog recently, and you can find my article HERE.

Kelli Ann at Monadnock Mama also just did a feature on my art that is so very sweet on her blog, which you can find HERE.

I'm so thrilled to be featured on both these ladies' beautiful blogs! Such a treat!~

Well, that's all I have for right now, come back soon for the winner of the #aesacredspace photo contest! We had some amazing entries!!~