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Around Here

   Here it is Friday morning, and I can't believe its the end of the week already. It's all been a blur of pulling a baby off chairs (over. and over. again), errands, laundry, gardening and moments of painting tucked in between.

   Summer is in full swing over here, and my studiomate/goof friend/partner in fibery crime Tasha and I are adjusting to having our big kids out of school and maintaining our studio schedules. Yesterday we took a field trip out to Shepherd's Cross and got a ton of good wooly goodies to feed our knitting/weaving/spinning habits! I've been learning to weave this week under Tasha's guidance. My first weaving is coming along pretty good I think, especially since I like that 'rustic' look. Perfection is boring to me. I always say "I want this to look like its 100 years old and was found in an old trunk in an attic after a house fire." Yep, that's my design mantra, ha!

   On Wednesday I attended a fiber night at The Workshop in downtown Tulsa and got to weave with some friends! So nice to get a couple of hours of mom time to just work on something uninterrupted and chat with grown ups for a bit!

  My friends Thom and Christine run The Workshop, and I gave them the cutest doll (if I do say so myself!) in honor of their adoption plans! They are Christian Orthodox and when I saw Rebecca's handmade Orthodox dolls in her shop Poppy and Pearl I knew....they HAD to have one! I snapped a photo of Robbie looking him over before I wrapped the monk up to give to the Crowes. Such a fun little doll, I love his beard! And I'm hoping the Crowes have many blessings as they embark on their adoption adventure and can't wait to see their family evolve!~

  In other news around the house and studio.....the hollyhocks are blooming! One of my very very favorite flowers. They are just so old fashioned and sweet. And since their biannuals (just leaves the first year, then flowers the second) it's quite a wait to see what you get! I had no idea what colors would pop up. So far we've got pinks in several shades, I love them!

   And now, the weekend approaches; gonna try to get some cleaning and errands out of the way so I can fully enjoy it. Last weekend I attended the gem show in Tulsa and got some nice beads and antique religious medals, I love them! Can't wait to create some cool new jewelry with them. Particularly love the charm with the dove and the french St. Philomene medal.

   Wishing you a wonderful weekend as well, it's summer time!~!~!


  1. That large, cream colored wall hanging in the top photo is absolutely amazing! I love it. And I think you are doing a great job with your first weaving- great minds think alike: I like everything in my house to look like it is 100 years old and came out of an old trunk in the attic after a house fire! :) Great way to put it!!

  2. Your little boy is beautiful, I bet he has such fun.
    Our hollyhocks have yet to bloom.
    Sorry I have not popped in for a while, I have been getting over an illness but am now enjoying catching up with your posts.
    Fondly Michelle

  3. Oh your design mantra is PERFECT! I think mine is similar for sure… everything looks better with a bit of age and grit to it!

  4. :) lovely as always. those Monk dolls are so lovely... I should perhaps consider for my godson...hmmmm....

  5. Wow, you flowers are beautiful! What a deep pink color to enjoy. That little Waldorf doll is quite precious too. Things around here in the Blue Ridge Mts. In Asheville NC is also in full bloom ! Those deep blue ridges , now all lush green, are breathtaking as always . With slightly cooler temps and low humidity, the flowers around here are exploding out out of flower pots and summer backyard gardens are up and growing. I am so happy that you are finally drying out from all those rains and beautiful sunny days have arrived. Perfect for lots of time outside and exploration of interesting places.

  6. That monk doll is so adorable! And I absolutely agree with you that it's so good to work with no interruptions:)


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