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Commission: Peter and the Archangels

    Hi there friends! I'm scheduling this post ahead of time--- but wanted to share with you this sweet little commission I finished a few days ago! This is a custom painting I created for a very brave little guy and his family.
   This is "Peter and the Archangels". Peter was born with some heart issues, but thanks to his brave and faithful family, and some mighty power guardian angels--- he is well and with us and such a sweet and strong boy!
   His mother approached me with the idea of this painting--- with Peter in the center guarded by Gabriel, Michael and Raphael, the Archangels. Gabriel, the messenger, holds a scroll; Michael, the soldier, stands ready for battle; Raphael, with his gift of healing, prepares a healing medicine. Together with God, Peter's family feel that these mighty angels were at Peter's side as he underwent intensive medical care. 
   I love that I could create a little something for this family so that they could always be reminded of what a miracle their son is.  It was an honor to create for them, and I hope they love it for many years to come!~



  1. What a beautiful tribute to such a brave little boy! I love how he is guarded by these mighty Angels who held him steadfast in their love and care.

  2. This is so sweet and inspiring! Amazing work you do Heather!

  3. That is a beautiful painting especially knowing Peter's story.

  4. What Shell said ^^ Thank you for sharing!


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