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Folk Art: Lamentations

    Earlier this summer, I had customer suggest that I do a piece inspired by Saint Felicitas, the patron saint of parents who've lost children. I was struck by that idea--- because its true, there isnt much out there that feel appropriate as a gift for a friend or family member going through this terrible loss.

 Ruminating over this concept, I came up with the painting above-- which Im simply calling "Lamentations." It felt right in my search to find a scripture that would be at once acknowledging of sadness, yet hopeful. When I finished this piece up--- I had this distinct feeling that I had had some help in its creation. I'm pleased with how it turned out--- I had wanted it to straddle that fine line of "I am so sorry you're hurting" while also being something pleasing to look at. It is my goal that when someone sees this piece that comfort is their reaction, not a reminder of grief.

   And so--- I have already sent the image off to my printer to be made up into 5x7" postcard style prints. I like the idea of it being small and sturdy-- something that can be tucked in a mirror, kept on a bedside table, tucked into a card or package.

   I will let you know when I have them in hand and they'll be in my etsy shop!~
Hope you're having a wonderful week--


  1. I am so excited to share these with those who need them (through Common Care: Loss Support). Thanks for doing this!

  2. Would you be making this one as a painting to be framed also? just lovely! mari

  3. Very, very beautiful and perfect for sending someone your condolences.

  4. Thank you Heather. I was able to share this with someone who lost their daughter yesterday. Blessings to you, conduit of His loving Spirit.

  5. Heather, so beautiful. It will be appreciated by the receiver. Have a blessed day.

  6. I've never heard of St. Felicitas, which is really striking considering how two of our little saints in heaven are named Felix and Felicity.

    Thank you for such a beautiful way to remember them.

  7. Can't wait to get these for my dear friends who have experienced loss.


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