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Open House, This Saturday!

  You guys. There has been so much work and imagination poured into our little studio space....renovations and creations made over the summer and now into the fall....and we are finally ready to show it all off!~!

  My amazing friend and studiomate Tasha Ball and I are so, so excited to invite you to our first open house this coming Saturday! The last of the painting (renovation painting, that is!) is done....art is hung, yarn is skeined....we are ready.

  How amazing to think of all that has gone on there in that old brick apartment this year. And I am so grateful to have this space, literally just out my back door.

  We will be open from 10 a.m. until 6 p.m., and aren't above luring you in with pie and cider ;) We've been busy, and now its time to show you all what we've been up to! We'd love to see you there....


New Postcards

   What a whirlwind last week was--- I helped a dear, dear friend that I met in the 3rd grade put on her wedding in her backyard! We had an awful lot of fun ordering flowers, looking at dresses, taking photos, and getting the whole event prepped, ready, and completed. Another friend from school officiated her wedding and so it was a really special day. So happy for the happy couple as they start this new journey together!~

   I did manage to do a few business things last week--- like mailing orders and listing these new postcards sets! I now have postcards of Madonna of the Blossoms and St. Brigid available in my shop! And if you'd like to have envelopes for any of my postcards, I have a listing just for the envelopes! So it should be really easy to complete the notecard set if you'd like to :)

  This week I am working on some saintly commission work (you can tag along on my instagram, which is now just simply "audreyeclectic") and christmas art! Tis almost the season!~

  We are also working hard to get the studio ready for our open house on Oct. 3. We've been painting stairs, trims, moving furniture, doing all sorts of prep work for the big day. I'm so excited to get it all organized and ready to share. I know Tasha is too! We've been busy!

  Well, that's it for now--- but I'll be back soon with some new art! Stay tuned!~

Yarn 'n Kittens....

     Last month was a busy month of meeting deadlines and finishing up big projects, and although Christmas painting time is upon me now, I've been taking a little bit of a break and indulging myself--- mainly in yarn and kittens!
   The little ones are so sweet and playful these days! They are about 6 weeks old now and a rambunctious bunch! They live in the art studio, but we've been bringing them out to the stoop to play in the backyard so they can have some fun in the plants. Each one has its own personality....they are so fun to watch play. The kids are loving them too although we have to remind Robbie "be gentle!"

   I've also been grabbing some moments to spin and now that I'm getting a handle on "Gretel" (spinning with her is a bit of a gallop!) I am really enjoying it. A few evenings I've been able to sneak away once everyone has gone to bed and spin in the living room. I've found that I need to spin with a rug underfoot or the whole operation will scoot away.
   I've spun up some nice white and blue wool from Shepherd's Cross because you know....white and blue are my favorite. I also bought some silk roving and raw roving in a natural brown color. I spun them together and made a luscious brown and cream colored yarn (seen in the middle of the photo of three skeins)
   Speaking of those other skeins....a shop downtown has started carrying yarn and I'm so excited! They are carrying handspun yarns from my friend Jane Deason and I hope they start carrying roving too, then I'll just have to walk a few blocks to feed my spinning habit!

   Speaking of feeding spinning habits....Tomorrow we will venture over to Claremore to enjoy a lovely day visiting Shepherd's Cross and restocking my roving (and looking at sheepies!) and also going to the Blue Grass Festival to hear some good music! Can't wait to have a nice day out with all my sweethearts.

   Wishing you an equally lovely weekend!~ May it be filled with things you love!~

Late Summer Garden

    The garden is getting leggy and full as we round the corner into fall. It's been very hot-- near 100 degrees. Cooler temperatures should be here by the evening though, and I'm looking forward to this reprieve. I'm sure the garden is too!

   Flowers doing well in this heat are the zenias, marigolds and birdhouse gourds. I planted gourd seeds from an old gourd I had (you can see it sitting on the window ledge of the old shed) and they've gone crazy! We've got little baby gourds sprouting all over the vines--- which are taking over the rock patio. And we've found a few extra big gourds that I cant wait to harvest!

  The Marian garden is very big and bushy! You can just see the top of Our Lady's head over the marigolds, rosemary and basil. She stands and smiles as butterflies and bees flit by, and at one point this summer a big mama garden spider set up her web right in front of her. Spider Adoration, perhaps? ;)

  Soon it will be time to collect seeds to put away for next summer. Another growing season winding down....and another one to dream about!~

Have a good week....

The Rosary, In Paintings

   I recently finished a set of paintings that I am really excited about! They are, simply. scenes from Jesus' life and scenes to be meditated on during the praying of the Rosary. This set came about when I was contacted by writer and mother Michele Chronister at My Domestic Monastery. She is the editor of the book "Rosaries Aren't Just For Teething."

  She has been working on a companion book to that one, specifically for children to explain in simple terms the meditations of the Rosary. Divided into four different meditations to use on different days of the week, there are "four mysteries" of the rosary--- The Joyful Mysteries, The Sorrowful Mysteries, The Glorious Mysteries and the Luminous Mysteries.

  The book "Rosaries are GREAT for teething" will feature simple poems that will help children engage in the stories of Jesus' life and understanding the concept of praying the rosary. And my illustrations will accompany each chapter!

   You can look for this book coming out next month, and I'll have more information as the time gets closer!
   Have a great week!~

Goody Bag Winner....

    Just popping in to announce our Tasha Tudor Centennial goody bag winner....

Karen Peterson!~
Congrats, Karen! I cant wait for you to see all these little goodies in person! Hope you love them!~