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New Postcards

   What a whirlwind last week was--- I helped a dear, dear friend that I met in the 3rd grade put on her wedding in her backyard! We had an awful lot of fun ordering flowers, looking at dresses, taking photos, and getting the whole event prepped, ready, and completed. Another friend from school officiated her wedding and so it was a really special day. So happy for the happy couple as they start this new journey together!~

   I did manage to do a few business things last week--- like mailing orders and listing these new postcards sets! I now have postcards of Madonna of the Blossoms and St. Brigid available in my shop! And if you'd like to have envelopes for any of my postcards, I have a listing just for the envelopes! So it should be really easy to complete the notecard set if you'd like to :)

  This week I am working on some saintly commission work (you can tag along on my instagram, which is now just simply "audreyeclectic") and christmas art! Tis almost the season!~

  We are also working hard to get the studio ready for our open house on Oct. 3. We've been painting stairs, trims, moving furniture, doing all sorts of prep work for the big day. I'm so excited to get it all organized and ready to share. I know Tasha is too! We've been busy!

  Well, that's it for now--- but I'll be back soon with some new art! Stay tuned!~


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