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Officially Published!: Mary Holds My Hand

   It has always been my dream--- a total childhood dream--- to see MY art in a book. I am now so excited that this has come to be, and in such a lovely little book too!~

   Today, The Feast of Our Lady of the Rosary, "Mary Holds My Hand" is officially released! The book is a collection of rosary meditations for little ones, and is designed to help parents and children pray together and contemplate the life of Jesus. The book starts at The Annunciation and goes through the baptism in the Jordan, Christ's night in the garden, the crucifixion and his resurrection.

  The book can be ordered in traditional format on Amazon or as an eBook with Kindle--- and will VERY soon be available in my etsy shop--- I'm expecting my copies on the 9th. So hold tight if you'd like one autographed! :D

   A big thanks to Michele Chronister for offering me this wonderful opportunity and for the inspiration her poems gave for the art. It's a beautiful book, and I cant wait to share with you all!~


  1. Congratulations, Heather! ♡ This is so exciting to have your beautiful work published in such a lovely book. ♡

  2. Yay!! and Congratulations on your first published illustrated book!!

  3. How exciting! That is just lovely!

  4. Congratulations on your book, Heather.

  5. Congratulations, Heather! What a lovely book to add your gorgeous artwork to! xo


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