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A New Chapter...

     Today is kind of a big deal. Robbie has started preschool at our church and today was his first day. Putting on his little back pack (filled not with books but with some extra diapers and a change of clothes) and handing him his little lunch pail, he suddenly looked like a kid. My baby is no baby....he is growing up!

   Although it was sad to turn around and walk out the door without him (although he's with lots of great people, friends are there, heck--- our PRIEST is there!) I know this is going to be an exciting new chapter for me and my art.

   I'll be honest, it took a good long time to relax this morning. Probably a couple of hours. When you're on toddler patrol, you are vigilant; those mama bat ears are always on ("did I just hear something that sounded like a toilet lid being lifted?!?!") and you are always poised to snatch away the toy before its hurled at the window or something is snatched off the table.

  Even when I painted at nap times, my ears were on, listening for a cry, and so to find myself suddenly....able to do what I need to do and concentrate fully? It is....miraculous

  Because, I'll be honest, I am a person who needs quiet and still. Things that are not readily available to a mother of small children! To paint well and with feeling I need to curl up into myself and get in that special place where my mind can roam and my hands can work. Painting, for me, is meditative--- even prayerful. I have fidgeted around since I was a child, yet painting has always been able to make me still and relax.

  And as my family can well attest to-- I need that time. For my well-being and everyone elses! My hope is that I can use this time not to just to get things done, but to recharge so I can connect with everyone in a much happier and less harried state of being. 

   I admit though, I'm looking forward to picking up my little buy and snuzzling that soft baby neck and giving him a big ol' kiss. I hope he's making friends, playing trucks (kid loves him some trucks!) and being too busy to miss mama too much.

  This evening after we get big sis from school, we are going to go on a little field trip that will be pretty interesting--- we will be attending the Mass for the relics of St. Maria Goretti at Holy Family Cathedral in Tulsa (You can read about that time I snuck into the cathedral HERE, lol....)

  I had originally planned to go alone and meet up with a friend, but things seem to be working out otherwise, so I'll have the kids in tow. I'm hoping its a special evening, at least for Audrey who will be old enough to remember it, and a wonderful experience for us to share.  Sometimes I feel like I stumble over trying to explain faith in words, and that "doing and showing" is a better option for me to give to my kids.

   That's sort of what the painting above is about....It's called "A Kiss For St. George" and is all about the incorporating of faith into the every day family routine....of showing and nurturing, of bringing faith into life and thought in children's every life and not just at church. This is something I'm trying to work on myself. Learning a lot as I go, but also getting to know (and see in action!) some really amazing people.

   I just recently had this painting made into prints and you can purchase it now in my etsy shop. I'm rather proud of my little St. George slaying the dragon! I think that's probably the first dragon I've ever painted....lol....I also scattered toys and shoes around on the floor because, well, that's what you're living when you've got kids. I suppose the meaning behind this piece is that sacred times can happen in the middle of mess, routine, and in any ordinary space. You just have to look for it.

   And so.....this evening we will close our adventures of the day with a visit with a saint. How special is that? And if the toddler minds and is well behaved, well, I will truly believe in miracles! ;)

  Til next time,


  1. miracles are real for sure! God bless!!!

  2. So exciting for your little guy to be opening a new chapter for himself! Mama gets to paint and work her business and he gets new friends, new toys, and new fun experiences. Sounds like a fantastic opportunity for you both. I am looking forward to hearing about your visit to Holy Family Cathedral. It sounds very interesting and I bet the service will be beautiful.

  3. I'm here with you. We also started a new chapter in our life. Varya started to attend nursery/preschool/kindergarten I don't know how to call this place in English, because I think we have here a little bit different education system. I have mixed feelings, but honestly speaking I love that I can spend some time alone.

  4. Loved this entire post, Heather, the story to accompany the art. Wonderful. Thank you.

  5. Your work is so beautifully and I enjoy reading your blog post to learn more about the lady behind the artwork! Thank you for all you do and putting so much lovely into the world!


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