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Art With Heart, Charity Print Week 1

    As I sit here typing this afternoon at my dining room table--- in a house warm with central heat, electricity and heck! even wifi! I know I am tremendously blessed. We are fed, clothed, loved, safe. And I've been so fortunate too that so many of you have decided to buy from my little etsy shop for Christmas gifts for your friends and family! And since you and I are both pretty blessed and I have art and you need gifts....I thought: hey! Let's put a little love and kindness out into the world!

   And so, this Advent, I'm doing a little "Art with Heart" special in my etsy shop. Each Sunday of Advent, I will choose a worthy charity that I would like to support, and a print that I think corresponds to the charity in some way--- and offer a portion of the sales of that print to the charity.

   So--- it's really easy! If you like the print and would like to support the charity, simply buy the print in the shop! I will take $10 of the $18 purchase price and donate it to the charity at the end of the week. I will let you know at the end of the week how much we've raised, and show you in some way (whether a screen shot of my donation receipt, or whatever proof of donation I get from the charity) that the donation has been made.

   That way we both get to do some good, and Advent is the PERFECT time to do this!

   This week's charity print is:

and the Charity is:

    This is a favorite charity of mine, especially since I can earmark funds to go directly to Orthodox Christian refugees escaping the crisis of the Middle East. The original of this print was also auctioned off for IOCC last year, and so I feel like THIS print--- showing a young Iraqi Christian girl praying before an icon belongs to the plight of these people. God have mercy on them. And let every bit we can give go to help them.

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