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Art With Heart: Crisis Pregnancy Outreach

     Can you believe it?! It's the fourth week of Advent. Christmas is almost here! It is also the fourth week of the 'Art with Heart" series here on the blog, where $10 from a specific print in my shop is donated to a different charity each week.

   This week's charity is a local charity that makes an impact to young woman across the nation. Crisis Pregnancy Outreach is an organization in the Tulsa area that helps women and girls dealing with unplanned pregnancy as well as make plans for their future and their baby's future.

    Crisis Pregnancy Outreach began in the 1980s in association with Christian Chapel Church in order to provide a meaningful and practical alternative to abortion to young women who found themselves experiencing an unplanned pregnancy. The organization is 100% volunteer run, and has now grown to include a transitional home, counseling services, medical partners, mentoring, parenting support, and a fully licensed adoption agency.
   CPO's solid reputation has spread not just from Oklahoma, but around the country, and they take in girls from around the U.S. What I find so inspiring about their work is, not only do they work hard to provide a good life for the babies who are brought into the world under their care, but they also turn around the lives of the women and girls who come their way.

   Many of the girls who find themselves at CPO are in high school, junior high, or even middle school. Others come from turbulent home environments.  Most are unsure where to start when it comes to caring for a newborn. 

   What they all have in common, however,  is their hope to turn a scary situation into something beautiful and positive. And through this organization, their unplanned pregnancy can be a turning point to a brighter future.

   I am also thrilled to know that a wonderful couple I know are about to become first time parents through CPO, and not only are they eagerly awaiting a new baby, but they have welcomed the birth mother into their lives and home and created a relationship with her that is simply beautiful.

    And so, if you'd like to help me support Crisis Pregnancy Outreach this coming week--- its easy! The print I'm offering for the $10 donation is "Madonna and Child in Blue." With each purchase of this print, I will donate $10 to Crisis Pregnancy Outreach so they can continue their important week.

  Thanks so much! And Merry Christmas!~


  1. Such a wonderful charity! I hope the couple you know will be blessed soon with a healthy baby to adopt as well!

  2. Nice picture :)
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    Maria V.

  3. This is just what I wanted to do with my art, tis not the proper season for me, but in the mean time, I'll be buying one of these soon!


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