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The Feast of St. Brigid

   Good morning and happy Feast of St.Brigid! Brigid-- or Brigid of Ireland, Bride of Ireland or "Mary of the Gael'-- is one of my favorite saints. She was Irish, strong willed, inspiring, and giving. 
   The daughter of an Irish Chieftain and a slave woman, the story of Brigid is cloaked in legend, but one thing remains the same--- she was a strong woman of faith who created her own destiny from an early age.

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     It is said that Brigid converted to Christianity under the influence of none other than Saint Patrick himself. The daughter of a king and a slave, she was at once half princess, and half the lowliest of society. This made her compassionate and giving, and she was often in trouble for giving away the riches of her father!

   This painting of St. Brigid that I created a few years back was my very first saint portrait-- and what a fun saint to try to capture! To me, Brigid is spunky and brave, and beautiful in that her personality shines through her. Perhaps she had unruly red hair and freckles, but I'm sure her kindness made her simply lovely, and she had a way of drawing others to her and making things happen.

  So much so that she was able to convert many to her relatively new faith-- including her pagan father--- and is credited with founding the famous monastery of Kildare.

  She's a fun saint to get to know through her numerous legends, and share with children-- especially with girls who you want to inspire!

   Here are a few fun St. Brigid facts, projects and books from around the web for you to enjoy:

1. Make a St. Brigid's Cross from the instructions on THIS PAGE

2. Recipe for St. Bridig Irish Oaten Bread at Catholic Cuisine

3. In interesting video about the Celtic mythology of "Brigid" the Celtic goddess and the saint

4. Children's Book- The Cloak of St. Brigid

5. Children's eBook- The Life of St. Brigid

St. Brigid's Blessing:
May Brigid bless the house wherein we dwell.
Bless every fireside, every wall and door.
Bless every heart that beats beneath its roof.
Bless every hand that toils to bring its joy.
Bless every foot that walks portals through.
May Brigid bless the house that shelters us.


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  1. What a lovely way to open February and celebrate this second month of 2016! The life and works of Brigid are inspiring and I love that she could relate and share with those of great need. I think your interpretation of Brigid captures her story perfectly too. The Irish Oaten Bread looks easy to make and I might try and make some today to enjoy with our knitting group tonight!


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