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Spring Snapshots

    Hello there! I feel like Im peeking out from under a little stone to suddenly see that it's spring and there are flowers and green things all around. It is spring, it is here! Even with Easter so early, the world has bloomed!

   The kids and I went out for a little ramble at Woodward Park in Tulsa recently, and took some spring photos before the rain moved in. Im so glad we did---- who knows what those beautiful tulips look like now after a pummeling thunderstorm!

   We saw squirrels busy unearthing last autumn's acorns and even saw a baby squirrel peeking out of a most perfect nest in the knot of a tree. It was a nice and calm morning, and I am so happy to see the blooming season here again.

   Lately I've been working on some art when I can snatch the time--- Ive gotten woefully behind in creating. I need a good run of painting time to get on track. Im eyeing you, Thursday and Friday! Here's hoping things come together for some finished art! Last week I got so frustrated with a painting I completely painted over it and started over. There's nothing quite so terrifying--- and exhilarating, as a brand new start....

 Well, off I go this morning to get started on a new painting and a new day. Talk with you again soon!~

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  1. I love the beautiful flowers out your way! Beautiful!!

    I hope your Thursday and Friday end up being good painting days too. Everyone has those periods when life gets way too busy to keep all the balls in the air! LOL!!


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