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Summer Harvest

   Several months ago I wrote a post about our Easter Egg Tree we made using branches from our little peach tree in the yard. Well, those blooming branches that stayed on the tree made quite a yield this year--- and we've got pounds of beautiful blushy fruit to show for it!

   It's been a scorching last few weeks. Topped with violent storms and tons of rain, but evidently it was a mix that was right for ripening peaches. The kids and I went out with baskets to collect what had survived rain, hail, rain, wind and heat and I was amazed at how much fruit we actually got!

  Now we think of very important things like "how should we eat all these peaches?"

  Pie, crumbles, cobbler, ice cream, whipped cream, fresh off the branch.....the possibilities are endless.

   How about you? Are you harvesting anything good in the garden these days?~


  1. Oh, yum. Oklahoma does yield some great peaches. Beautiful photos!

  2. What a beautiful harvest of peaches from your tree!! Yes, the possibilities are endless and oh the wonderful cobblers, pies, and other delights you will have fun making and eating!! It looks like you all had a great time gathering these beauties too!!!


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