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Custom House Portrait: The Wells Farmhouse

   I've always loved a good commissioned portrait--- and I am enjoying this new foray into a different version--- antique home portraits!
   This house portrait is of the sweet "Wells Farmhouse", nestled in historic Setauket, Long Island. This beautiful cape was recently purchased by Erin at Bygone Living and I am thrilled to think that my painting will now be hanging above this beautiful antique home's mantle.

  I am working on my 'architectural' skills these days--- and the old homes are always my favorite!

  This portrait has many special details requested by the owner--- a blooming lilac, budding crabapple, a little black cat and a ship model in the window. In the background there is also a small footbridge with weeping willows and deer.

  I'd love to do more custom antique home portrait work, especially after I get the holiday seasons finished with. Come January, I will be ready to curl up with lots of special projects, and it will be here before we know it....I'm already painting Christmas art!

  I'm getting a new custom work page created, so I'll be able to prices and options to show you all very soon.
Stay tuned!~!

October Open House

     Sitting down to write to you to let you know that next month I'm planning a pretty laid back open house at the studio! I'll have my prints, art, cards and yarn on hand and a few goodies I've collected at estate sales this summer.
   I'd love for any local friends to come by and visit, and also bring your crafting projects! Who know what we might get up to! So if you've got some spinning, knitting, needlework, bring it! Or just come to chat! Would love to see you!~
   I've also got a few other shows that I'm dipping my toe into these next coming months. I'm planning on taking part in the 10th Indie Emporium and at the St. Nicholas Bazaar in Tulsa, OK.
   I'll give you more info when I have it, but til then....maybe I'll see ya in October?


Hey friends! Thanks to ALL of you who entered the postcard giveaway--- I appreciate it! And now for the winner, who is......

MELISSA at Julia's Bookbag!!!

Thanks so much! :D Hope you love the cards, Melissa!

And Im going to gather up some of my autumn postcards and list some in the shop--- stay tuned!!!

Off To The Autumn Market

    This will come as to no surprise to you but--- I really love folk art. I love the wonkiness. I love the realness and the earthiness. I love the idea of the wandering limner, walking through the country with his paints and easel, staying at farmhouses and inns and painting the locals; or the granny who retired and sat down and thought "I'll paint my memories" like Grandma Moses did. The old folk paintings are unfussy and dont put on airs. But there is something so magical about them that I've always loved. And that's why Im drawn to this particular type of art.
  It is an art of the common folks, of common life, of hand made visions of life and harmony and the beauty in the world. You dont need permission from an art salon, an art degree, or anything fancy; you paint it at the kitchen table. That's my kind of art.

   This latest painting was inspired by my love of the work of Grandma Moses, whose original work I was able to see in person at The Bennington Museum last year. The funny thing about this painting is that the main subject, the farmer heading off to market, wasnt planned. He just sort of happened...I painted the woman and the child standing on the path and thought, "What are they looking at? They're looking at the man in the road!" and so "Off To The Autumn Market" came to be.

   I also wanted to pay homage to my undying love for quilts--- and so ta da! There they are on the line. And a big beautiful salt box. My favorite kind of house. This one in autumn mustard with a pretty blue door. And the church in the background, and autumn trees and hills....it smacks of New England, does it not?

   The original painting is now in my etsy shop and would sure like to find a home! It measures 8x10" and is done on canvas. It was such fun to make, and I love autumn so much....I need to paint more autumn while I can!

  Thanks for coming by to visit me today---

Giveaway: Autumn Postcard Pack

  Hello, there! Isn't is amazing, we made it to September! I am so thrilled! My favorite time of year is coming, and hey--- already here if you go by the availability of Pumpkin Spice Everything :D

   It's been a long hot summer out here on the prairie, and I'll be glad to kiss 90 degree weather goodbye. Its still been hot and miserable, but at least now I have faith that an end is in sight! I've got boots and knits ready!

  To celebrate this longed for season, I thought I'd host a little giveaway! I'll be sending this little pack of autumn themed postcards out to one lucky winner who enters! And all you need to do to enter is leave a comment here on this post--- tell me YOUR favorite things about autumn. What speaks to you about this season? What are you most thrilled to see at the end of the summer?

  You are welcome to leave a comment multiple times if you share on social media, so you can enhance your chance for winning!~!

 This giveaway will be open through 9/13, with the winner announced Wednesday!
Happy Fall, Y'all!~

Autumn Esty Open House starts today!

  It's open house day! Hurray! If you visit my esty shop, you'll be able to see original art and handspun yarn ready to buy! Thanks so much to those who have waited patiently for these listings--- happy shopping! :D