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   I am happy to report that I'm adding new items to the shop all the time now--- including cards and originals. It is now "that time of year" for me.....that time when I lament, "why wasnt I painting Christmas art 6 months ago?" I always do that. When will I learn? Well, perhaps 2017 will be the year ;)

   I now have the originals of "Holy, Holy, Holy" and "Country Santa" available to purchase in my etsy shop. And I ALSO have a new card set called "Country Christmas" with two new 2016 designs. I also still have plenty of cards with my most popular holiday designs on them as well!

  One thing that I love about all these items is that they are 100% American, small business made! I, of course, painted the paintings :D and all my prints and cards are printed locally in Tulsa, OK. by another local family business.  If that is something that is important to you, I hope you'll consider using some of my art to celebrate the coming season :D

Thank you so much, and check back soon! I have a show coming up next week--- I'll be doing my first craft show in ages next friday! Come see me at the 10th anniversary Indie Emporium at the Bond Event Center in Tulsa, OK.

And most of all--- know that as Thanksgiving approaches, I am so thankful for you, your support and your interest. You guys keep me inspired and painting! I appreciate it so much!!

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