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Original Painting: Summer Cottage Garden

 One of the latest additions to my etsy shop is this new painting-- Summer Cottage Garden. It's an illustration from my book "Snow on Martinmas" that can now be enjoyed as a print!

  The scene shown is a summer harvest scene in my 'dream' English cottage garden. Oh, to have flowers so sweet and lush, and veggies so perfect and large, right? There's lot of detail tucked into this piece as well, such as happy little bees around the lavender bush, and a farmer gathering the season's first hay in the back ground.

 And I love a good baby-in-a-basket, you know ;) Couldnt resist putting a little one on mama's back as she and her older child gathered the day's harvest. Perhaps they're headed into town that morning to sell their veggies at the market? Or perhaps they are preparing for Michaelmas dinner?

 This painting can be enjoyed in my book Snow on Martinmas, but I thought it was a perfect spring and summer print as well. Hope you like it too! :)


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  1. I love this new illustration print from you book too!! It reminds me of the painting I have that you did a few years ago of the mom and children planting the family garden. And YES! Oh to have a lush garden with veggies and flowers. We desperately need rain and it is a trick trying to keep flower pots watered. My poor spring flowers are exhausted!


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