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Stella Maris, Star of the Sea

   Stella Maris, Star of the Sea is one of my favorite names for the Virgin Mary. It is so evocative, with so much meaning. "Stella Maris" is Latin, meaning "star of the sea" and this moniker has been applied to Mary since medieval times, referencing Mary as the guiding force to Christ.
   Because of its allusion to the sea, however, it has become a favorite name for Mary for seafarers, and the name of many coastal churches, schools and sanctuaries.  Over the centuries now, Stella Maris has become known as the guardian and protector of the oceans and seafarers, prayed to for intercession for safe passage and success in nautical endeavors.

   I decided recently that I'd like to create my own rendition of Stella Maris, and of course you know mine would have a folk art twist. Living in Oklahoma, I am overwhelmingly landlocked. My experience with the sea is extremely limited, but its always held romance and mystery to me. Especially when I learned a while back that my ancestors were the founders of Nantucket--- and I am a direct descendant of Peter Folger (who also happened to be Benjamin Franklin's grandfather!). These settlers of Nantucket were hearty Quakers, pacifists on land but masters of the sea and fierce whale hunters.
   With this New England vision of the sea in my mind, I created my Stella Maris, guiding a ship into port in a storm, and also letting a whale swim to safety from the viciousness of men.

    I am happy to share with you now this piece as a print (the original has been sold) I currently have Stella Maris, Star of the Sea as an 8x10" print and also 11x14" (the 11x14" print is shown below with the title on the print. The 8x10" is just the print with no text)
   This piece as an absolute joy to paint and went fast--- a big blessing when you're a painting mama who is usually creating in snatched fragments of time. I hope you like her, and if you're interested in a print, you can find it now in my etsy shop!
Thanks for your visit today, and hope you have a wonderful week!
Stella Maris, Star of the Sea--- Pray for Us!

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