New Painting: Our Lady of Hope

    The weekend of all the violence in Charlottesville sent me out to the studio. Painting is my refuge, and that's usually how I sort myself out-- even, sometimes, before I realize just what I am sorting out-- and that weekend was no different.
   What came of that time painting was this piece--- Our Lady of Hope. I wanted to give her strength, courage--- she's looking right out at the world with a level gaze; but also compassion, mercy, Hope because she sees much farther than we do, in the heat and emotion of the moment.
  There are people out there who are much more better at articulating in word, in action, in policy, in shaping this world than I. But I felt like it was my job to 'cast a stone and cause many ripples', as Mother Theresa once said. It's my job to make sure we still have some beauty in the chaos, and so this is my latest effort. I hope you like her.

   The original painting has already sold, but I do have prints. I have one as an 8x10" and also a 5x7'" mini print, which I've decided to donate half the proceeds of to The Southern Policy Law Center. It is my hope that in doing so, we can help create justice and peace from within the system we live in, and advocate for the most vulnerable in our society. I've heard from some people that this isnt the charity of their choice, and I respect that. I honestly had a really time finding a charity that ticked all the boxes for aid for those I wanted this piece to benefit. But at the end of the day, I'd rather do something a bit imperfectly rather than nothing at all.

  I hope you like the painting, and I hope it brings you some feelings of peace, strength and most of all-- hope.

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