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New Originals + Giveaway Winner!

   Good morning, friends! Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving yesterday! I've just finished uploading several original pieces to  my etsy shop, just in time for the holiday season. There's angels, New England Homecomings, and a little Madonna and child.  Click HERE to see what all is new!

I've also got the winner for this week's FREE PRINT!
The winner is.....REBECCA SOLOMON!
Congrats, Rebecca!~

Thanks SO MUCH to all that entered! And come back soon, as I'll have more offerings and giveaways throughout the Advent season! :D

GIVEAWAY: Win a Free Print!

    Tis almost the season, and time to start thinking about getting festive; bringing the beauty of Advent and Christmas into our homes, finding the perfect gift for a loved one, or just looking out for an unexpected treat!

   To help kick off what is my busiest season in my folk art year, I thought it was high time I hosted a giveaway!

   So here we go! You can peruse my etsy shop and enter to win any 8x10" print you see there! Entering is easy! Just tell me which print you want and why you want it! You can increase your odds by also sharing the giveaway on social media, and coming back to make a separate comment to tell me where you've shared it!

 Giveaway is OPEN all week, with the winner announced FRIDAY MORNING,  NOVEMBER 24.

Good luck, and thanks a bunch! :D

Martinmas Fun

   Good morning! Hope you are having a beautiful autumn week! We are just a bit past peak color here in Oklahoma, but there is such lovely golden light coming through the trees....a beautiful day to think about Martinmas! :D

   In celebration of the coming feast of St. Martin of Tours and my first Martinmas to celebrate as a published author of a book about--- you guessed it! St. Martin--- lets have a shop sale! :D

   Get 11% off your entire order when you enter the code NOV11 at checkout in my etsy shop, sleightholmfolk.etsy.com

   And if you're on instagram, I'd love if you would join my Martinmas Stroll!

   Share how you celebrate St. Martin and tag your post #martinmasstroll2017, and we can follow along the hashtag to see everyone's Martinmas fun!

  Thanks so much and have a wonderful Martinmas and Veteran's Day! :D

Snow on Martinmas

    Here we are in November! And this is a great time to add another friend to your list of beloved saints--- St. Martin of Tours! Need some help learning about him? Well, I can help with that! My first book to write and illustrate--- Snow on Martinmas--- is a great way (if I say so myself!) to learn about this wonderful saint and the traditions that accompany his feast day, November 11!

   Perhaps that date rings a bell in your mind. Something is on November 11, isnt it? Well, here in the US, its also Veterans' Day! And in Europe, it is known as Armistice Day, the day that WWI came to an official end. All these coincidences are not completely random-- these important days in our military history also give a nod to St. Martin, who began his religious life as a Roman soldier. An encounter with a poor man on the street made a profound impact on young Martin, when he used his sword to cut his warm, military cloak to cover the nearly naked man as it began to snow.

   Feeling like he had just encountered Christ, Martin left the Roman army and settled as a simple monk in what we now know as France, near Tours. His holy life inspired countless others and later in life he was elected bishop--- even though he hid in the barn at first, only to be ratted out by a noisy goose!
   In my little book you can learn about Martin's life, why children do lantern walks to celebrate him, why a goose is the meal of the day (well, I might have just given that away!) and how the end of the harvest season connects with this feast day that leads us into the season of Advent.

  My book is now for sale via amazon, and with 2 day shipping you can get it in PLENTY of time to celebrate Martin's feast day! And there's also a giveaway for a FREE copy of it over at the Shower of Roses blog!  So lots of opportunity to have a little bit of Martinmas in your life! :D

Thanks for your visit--- and come back soon!!

OOOHHH and before I forget-- Ive tentatively started a little writing project about finding sacredness in the ordinary world. It is called, quite fittingly, TAKE JOY. Come on over and see what I've gotten started!

Talk more soon-

Christmas Cards Are In!

 "Country Christmas" set
  Hello there, my friends!
   I am thrilled to announce that all my Christmas cards are HERE and freshly listed in my etsy shop! This year I am offering several sets from you to choose from-- some mixed, others with one image. The sets are packaged in groups of four, and all come with matching envelopes.

   I am also really happy to be able to say that its ALL printed here in the US by a local family run business (as is all my print work in my shop!) and the art, well, is painted by me right here on the prairie. So when you're buying from my shop, you are supporting small businesses. I know that I can't compete with the prices and quantity of things printed in China--- and I never will be able to. But that's ok to me. And (lol) I hope its ok with you too! And would be so appreciative of your support this holiday season! You literally help me buy groceries each week, to give my children a nice Christmas. So THANK YOU! :D

   And now--- here are some more pics of all the sets!~
 "Our Lady" set

 "Swedish Christmas" set

 "Home For Christmas" set

 "Madonna of the Book" set

 "Country Santa" set

 "Candlelit Prayers" Set

"Woodland Madonna" Set

Shop my ETSY SHOP now for your cards!