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Easter Sale!

   Hello there, friends!~
    Those of us following the western Christian calendar have now entered Holy Week. And if you're like me, you're suddenly thinking "Oh yeah....Easter baskets!"

   If you've thought about adding art to your Easter basket, or would like to send spring art to a friend or a card--- or hey, need some original art! This is a great time--- because I am now offering 15% EVERYTHING in my shop-- and yes that includes ORIGINALS!

   Just enter the coupon code EASTER15 at checkout in my etsy shop and receive your percentage off.

   This code is good through April 8, to last through Pascha for our Eastern calendar friends!

Thanks so much for your visit--- and come back soon because I'll have some more goodies to share....
til then,

::March Paintings::

    This month, so far, has been full of some good painting time! Things greening and starting to blossom has evidently inspired me to create and bring new things into being as well!

  I've created three new paintings-- so far--- this month, with the originals all sold but prints either in my etsy shop or on their way.
"In the Dye Garden" was inspired by the flowers of summer that can be used for dyeing fibers, one of my favorite 'old timey lady' things to do. In the gardener's arms she has gathered zinnias, golden rod, coreopsis, marigold and queen anne's lace. All of these plants can be used to create beautiful natural dyes. Behind her is a happy stand of hollyhocks (my favorite!) which can also be used to dye yarn and cloth. This piece is my love letter to fiber arts and the wonderful way in which gardening can dovetail with it, and of course....sheep. There had to be sheep in the background!
  Next I painted a piece inspired by these first raw, greening days of spring when its still cold enough to need that hat and gloves, but the birds are out and the first leaves are coming out on the trees. This painting is called "Easter Morning Walk" and in my mind, is a lovely morning walk in the countryside, gathering pussy willow (a plant traditionally used for Easter decor in colder climbs). More sheep...always sheep these days, it seems!

This next piece is a bit more moody and literary inspired--- Jane Eyre. This classic novel by Charlotte Bronte is one of my very favorite literary classics. I can still remember reading it in 10th grade French class. Why French class? No idea....but that's where I was reading it ;) 

This piece depicts Jane nestled in a window seat sketching her secret love (Mr Rochester!) as he moodily walks through the sparse gardens. Outside the sky is foreboding and birds take flight, and Jane doesnt notice the silhouettes of a strange man and woman looking at her from the walls....

     Happily, all of these pieces have been sold! I DO have prints of In the Dye Garden, and will get some done of the other two in the near future.

   At the moment I am working on another classic literature inspired piece, a piece that I also loved so much as a child....any guesses??

ALSO--- I wanted to point you toward my little 'ramble blog' that you can access HERE or at 'blog' on my top menu on this site. The blog is more for little projects and pretty things that arent necessarily about art. I've decided to clean up this part of my internet domain so that it is more focused on just art and coming events etc.

Thanks for coming to see me today! And please come back soon....there may be a giveaway in the near future! :D
Til then,