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Celebrate Spring! Win a Free Print!

   Although the winter snows and freezing temperatures seem to be having a hard time letting go of us here in the US, it IS springtime! And with each passing day, we just get closer to beautiful blooms, leafing trees, and a green and glorious world.

   To celebrate and herald in the season (if we will it, it will come--- right?!?!) I'm in the mood for a treat around here! How about--- a giveaway?!

   The giveaway is for any 8x10" print found in my shop! Choose which one you love and leave me a comment--- increase your chances of winning by commenting across my social media accounts. You can leave a comment here, on my facebook page, or on my instagram account. If you comment on all three, that's three chances to win! Increase your chances to win even more by tagging up to 4 friends on facebook or instagram. Winner will be selected on Friday!

   Let's get started, shall we? Just leave me a comment! You can tell me which print is your favorite, why you're ready for spring, or even offer suggestions for future paintings! I am all ears! And so ready for spring!

   Good Luck!~!

::April's Paintings::

    Good evening!~ Hope you are well and a wonderful Easter! A big thanks to all of you who took advantage of the Easter sale-- I loved sending so many goodies all over the country (and Canada!) to you all, and hope you love your new art!~

   Spring has been teasing us around here, running hot and cold-- literally. I'm impatient to get out in the garden, and that has definitely been showing up in my latest art work! I just finished a pair of paintings in this first week of April, and thought I'd share them with you here!

   The first to be finished was "St Anne's Garden", (shown above) which depicts St Anne and her sweet little daughter, Mary-- you know, Mary Mother of God ;) I wanted to share a sweet, tender moment between the two and set the scene in a beautiful, lush garden. Little Mary hands her mother a bouquet of roses with a smile while her mother gazes at her, tenderly.

   A lovely friend bought the original painting, and she told me that to her, it seemed St Anne was looking at her little girl with the tender, bittersweet knowledge of what would be in store for her during her life. I love that, and I always love hearing the meaning YOU all find in my work. Sometimes it truly feels like I'm just the medium through which things are made. The highest compliment I can ever have is to create something that moves people.

   The second painting I finished was "The Secret Garden", inspired by one of my very favorite books and characters. I love Mary Lennox, and I relate to her. I can, ahem, be a little contrary. And I love to dig in the dirt and make things grow. And love a good knitted red hat. So, there ya go ;)

  I first read "The Secret Garden" in the 4th grade and still have my well worn, well loved copy illustrated by Tasha Tudor. I also loved the movie that came out in the 90s, and the floppy red hat in this painting is a nod to that production :)

  Both of these paintings are now available in my etsy shop as prints--- St Anne's Garden comes as an 8x10" and 11x14" large print, and "The Secret Garden" is available as an 8x10" print and as of the moment, the original is also still available. Please come by and take a look around! I've been adding so many new things over the last couple of weeks, and also just listed my Jane Eyre painting as a print!

  Will be signing off for now, but Im so glad you stopped by! Please know any comments or emails mean a lot to me! I love having you here and love that you love these paintings :D

talk more soon--