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A Merry Christmas To All!~

   Ah, and so here we are! Another Christmas tucked safely away into our holiday memories. I hope Christmas 2018 was a wonderful one for you--- and if you're like me, you're probably ready to settle in to winter quiet, enjoy some time to relax after all the holiday rush, and looking forward to a fresh new year.

   I didnt get as much done this holiday season as I had planned--- we all seem to be swapping terrible colds back and forth, and I came out of my fog to realize that Christmas was just a few days away! There were gifts to finish and food to make. And it was lovely. But I also love this quiet time we have now.....and the possibility that comes with a fresh year....

 But I am happy for the memories we were able to make, and so grateful for your support this holiday season! With your help, Sleightholm Folk Art had its best year yet! And YOU helped me give my family a very merry Christmas! I appreciate that so much!~

    I will be coming back very soon and we can chat about the new year....til then, I hope the light of Christmas warms your heart and gives you much peace and joy!~

Happy St Nicholas Day!

   Good morning, and happy St. Nicholas Day! This day is one that holds a fond place in my heart, and always feels like the real start of Christmas for our family. At church St. Nicholas will come, and the children will get treats and do little crafts....there will be a hint of magic in the air.
   I tried to get a head start on this magic this morning with a celebration breakfast as the sun was coming up....I spread out the gold coins (Found at World Market, and came in all sizes and values, which I liked!) and lit our little angel chime, which is a new holiday addition for us.
   For breakfast we had 'gold coin' pancakes and the kids got a St. Nick ornament to put on the tree.

   Since it's a school day, this is about as festive as we could get in the little time before the rush of getting dressed and out the door. And I'm not gonna lie, there was some bickering, some wailing of 'she touched me!' and maybe even a tantrum on the floor by the time the sun came up. It was early, y'all. But St. Nick knows I tried ;)
   But my hope is that when they're grown, they'll not remember the grumblings about being tired or the nitpicking and fighting, but just remember of coming down to a candlelit breakfast, a table spread with chocolate coins, a little treat waiting and yummy food not usually had on a school morning.

   Tonight we'll read some nice books at bed time, including "The Miracle of St. Nicholas" by Gloria Whelan, and one of my favorites--- "Varenka" by Bernadette. We'll also have plenty of chocolate coins to last us a while.....

  Wishing you a very blessed St Nicholas Day! I hope you get a special treat today as well. Take a moment for yourself today, treat yourself to something special. Or, in the spirit of the Good Bishop, take a moment to do something kind for someone else today--- without them even knowing it was you!

And of course,
Take Joy!~

St Lucia Day is Dec 13!

 One of my favorite holidays of the year is St. Lucia Day! I love the Scandinavian tradition of the daughter of the house rising early to bring her family food and coffee in bed, all while wearing a wreath of candles on her head.

   The celebration of St. Lucia is a favorite family and church tradition in Scandinavian countries-- even if now most little girls wear battery operated candles ;) It is also one of my favorite holidays to paint, and continues to be a popular subject for buyers coming to my etsy shop!

   Through the years I've built up quite the St Lucia collection of art in my etsy shop--- from my still most popular first painting with the red background, to homey scenes and outdoor scenes. it is always a day of happiness and excitement--- when the light begins to return the the dark landscape of the northern countries such as Sweden and Norway.

  One of my very favorite shows to watch around this time of the year is "Rick Steves' European Christmas", and in it they visit Norway and see a St Lucia procession! I am going to leave it here for you to see, it might inspire your own European-style celebrating this holiday season!~