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*Little Creations*

   Hi there friends,
      Popping back in with you to share some of my latest creations--- and one, the painting above, about creating! I am wanting to make a concerted effort this year to celebrate dads more in my art, and this newest piece is all about a dad and his kids taking some time to create.
    In this painting called "Painting The Dala Horse," a dad is putting the finishing touches on a traditional Swedish wooden horse as his kids watch early. They are settled in a cozy winter kitchen, woolly knits drying over the old wood stove, and a room devoted to fiber art visible just past the doorway.
   I have a soft spot for Swedish art and traditions, and thought it would be fun to make a painting that nods to this without being 'Christmas art' as I usually make....and also about a Dad getting creative with his kids. The original painting is now available in my etsy shop.
   Of course it was winter when I started the painting, and now we've got a spring world in bloom as its ready to share. No matter though, I hope that this is a piece that can be enjoyed all year round!

   And speaking of creating for enjoyment....

  I recently finished many stitching projects that I've been cuddled up with this winter, one of which was this little series of flowers from the book Zakka Embroidery by Yumiko Higuchi.  Her designs are sweet and whimsical and have a lovely mix of Japanese and Scandinavian aesthetic. I finished up these little yellow flowers on orange linen that used to be one of my painting aprons. Now its going to be a little zipper pouch to enjoy!

   And speaking of stitching, I am still very much enjoying cross stitch embroidery, and have ventured out into playing around with my own designs (you knew this would happen, I've always got to run off on my own with creating things...)

     These three little pin keep pillows are all my own little designs. The middle pillow was just a free-form playing around with different motifs I saw in various books, but the two Easter themed pillows (the one on the right and the one on the left) were both two I designed specifically with an embroidery software program that I purchased at Christmas time. Its fun to 'draw' these patterns and then see how they come out with needle and thread!

   After a bit of interest, I've decided that I will offer some PDF patterns of some of my favorite designs I come up with, and the first one I've gotten in my shop is the little "Easter 1851" pillow. You can purchase it now for instant download and make your own pillow pin keep, or use the design in any other stitching project you'd like to make.

    I personally like small projects that are simple to complete and are more 'comfort stitching' than a complicated work. If you also like a little stitching project that can be completed in a couple of sittings and can be used for seasonal decor (or a little bag, pocket, sewing roll, whatever you want to use it on!) this might be a project for you! I am all about the cozy projects.

   You can find the PDF instant download HERE in my shop. The pattern comes with the chart and instructions on how to age your fabric and make the pillow.

   Well, its a beautiful spring day here with the wind whipping through the peach blossoms. I've got the windows open in the studio, and its time to get a little work done.
  Hope all is well,
Take Joy!~

Easter Chickens

    On Saturday, I was able to slowly get myself out to the studio and sit down at my big paint-covered desk there. On it, sat this little painting of a sweet folksy girl with all her chickens, going through her Easter basket of sweet treats and colorful eggs.
    It was so good to get to sit down with my paints again, and spend a few hours bringing this little miss and her creatures and all the pretty flowers of her rustic home to life. I am happy to report that she is finished, and now looking for a home in my etsy shop!

   Suddenly, the world outside is waking up and blooming...precious daffodils have sprung open, and these new little Dutch Iris that I planted last fall have jumped up with gusto. I love their little purple flowers, and they are so petite! They made the perfect back drop for my Easter Chickens painting when I took her outside for her final sealing....

   This past week was spring break, and of course we were all so sick....sigh....me worst of all, I am afraid. All the blooming seems to have my little system go haywire! But I have enjoyed peeking out the window at the world as it wakes, much like Miss Bailey Button looking out the old window of the mud room this afternoon...

   I am also so thrilled to see the peach trees in bloom, their beautiful blush blossoms always capture my imagination. They are the perfect antidote to a long, cold winter. Keeping my fingers crossed though that we have no frosts or freezes now that they've bloomed....poor things really got it last spring with a late frost that withered all the flowers and cost us an entire season's peach harvest. We had nothing to show for our peach trees last year, and I heard that they even had to truck in peaches from Texas for the annual peach festival in Porter, OK. last year. The indignation of it! So please, frost....please head on up north and leave my poor peaches alone....we're eager for pie come late summer!

  Of course now that spring break has passed and the flowers are starting to wake, there is much work ahead. Time to wake up the garden, and the birds are already busy feathering their nests....I hear them each morning, twittering like mad....and the chickens are laying with much enthusiasm. I've been checking the mason bee house and the baby bees havent come out yet, but I know its any day, any hour perhaps, with these blossoms now out....its time for new growth and possibilities. I cant wait to get back to painting......

thanks for your visit here today!~
Take Joy!

A Little Greeting

   Hello there, it's been a bit! These have been some rough few weeks around here. Not one, but two bouts of family illnesses to work through (I'm still now 100%) and a death in the family have made it hard to get back into a productive routine. I've missed making though, and talking with you here....and although I loaded these pictures up onto blogger nearly a month ago, I thought I'd still share them with you. This is a bit of what was going on in late February, projects finished, animals loved, bulbs just starting to bloom, chickens out and about in the yard....

    The weather is starting to stabilize into being decidedly 'springtime' now.....and while it makes things very beautiful, it also seems to make my allergies go haywire! I cant wait to be well enough to go out and explore though, see all the blooms and enjoy the sun....I love when the world is full of flowers again, and I'm anxious to get back into the garden after months of sound sleeping....

  Will write more, and hopefully more cleverly, very soon!~h